Creatives Academy: A new approach to education

As we count down to Creatives Academy, we are frantically searching for support to meet the costs of the facilitators, refreshments and publicity.

Why do we need the support?

Because Creatives Academy has made the noble initiative of opening the academy to members of the public for a nominal fee of 500 shillings. Initially, we set the fee low because we thought that if we got members of the public to sit in an actual writing class and see that it is indeed beneficial, the next time they would be willing to pay more for it.

We also needed to fund the refreshments and honoraria for all the facilitators of the class. The refreshments are particularly crucial because they provide a networking environment, which is one of the goals of the academy.

And once the class started, the low attendance fee became an honorable goal of its own. We were able to attract people who thought university doors were closed to them, yet it is our firm conviction that universities exist to serve the society through the knowledge which universities generate and share with society.

More than that, Creatives Academy proves that there are people in Kenya who want knowledge for knowledge’s sake, and for how knowledge builds them; there are people who value education for more than just certificates. To this day, this is still one of the points of Creatives Academy that some people in the academic business find difficult to believe.

So Creatives Academy isn’t just a writing class; it’s also about changing our educational philosophy to show Kenyans what education for the human being, for the society, and not just for the market, actually looks like.

I hope that those who want education to go in that direction will open their hearts and their resources to support us.


2 thoughts on “Creatives Academy: A new approach to education

  1. John (34)-Does this mean there are 39 other people just like you, out there wreaking havoc?“That stinks, buy hey when I was in second grade we had 40 kids in my class, no teacher assistance, zero budget for supplies and the teacher was a nun who took a vow of poverty and her salary was zero. She did ten times the job of a public school teacher with half the class size.”


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