This lady called Julie Gichuru

julieWhen Kinyanjui Kombani told me that Julie Gichuru was interested in helping facilitate the Creatives Academy, I could not believe my ears. When I was in high school, interacting with a number of children of famous Kenyans had taught me a valuable lesson: don’t say hi to people above you until they say hi to you. So I was nervous that we would have a facilitator whom I could not speak to.

I decided that I would gate crash on a briefing that Kinyanjui would have with Julie the day before the launch of the Creatives Academy, so that I would gauge if I should keep my distance on Saturday.

Julie was nowhere near what I had imagined. She was friendly and even told me how thrilled she was to be part of the class. She laughed when I told her that I had come so that I don’t have to be nervous the next day.

The next day at Creatives Academy launch was wonderful. Julie helped us settle by asking participants to talk about why they were attending Creatives Academy. What was amazing was that the persistent theme in each introduction was that people wanted to tell their stories, to tell African stories. It was a good start that tied well with Julie’s passion for African issues and African leadership. When we brought the cake to launch Creatives Academy, she was the one who cut it into pieces for distribution.

So I’m moved by her humility and I’m grateful to God for such a moving start to the second edition of Creatives Academy. Let’s tell our stories and enrich the world.



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