How much is your writing worth? #CreativesAcademy

CA Week 12 poster There are many lessons that we learned when we hosted the first Creatives Academy last year.

One of them was that we gave Marisella Ouma, the Executive Director of Kenya Copyright board, too little time to talk about the rights of artists.

When she came last year, we programed the celebration of the finale of the Creatives Academy with her presentation. Maybe we did that because we thought she would just give us a list of the rights of writers. We thought wrong.

Dr. Ouma’s presentation was exciting and animated, because she talked more of the spirit, rather than the letter, of intellectual property law. There were some ideas we struggled with. For example, many of us writers do a lot of writing for free for different magazines and publications. We think that we need the platforms so badly, in fact we should be grateful that anyone would want to publish us. To which Dr. Ouma replied: what do you believe your writing is worth? Because if you believe it’s valuable, you’ll charge appropriately for it.

A year later, I still don’t how to translate her challenge into practice. I’m still spending a lot of time writing and editing for different publications and getting nothing but a thank you. So if you’re like me, you must attend this Saturday’s session on copyright and protecting your work.

See you there!