About Creatives Academy

Creatives Academy is a writing workshop offered at Daystar University. The workshop offers students and members of public a forum to interact with publishers, writers, lawyers, media personalities, film makers and bloggers to receive insights and mentorship on how to turn writing into a career that can pay the rent, and that can inspire the world.

So far, confirmed facilitators include Julie Gichuru, Terryanne Chebet, John Sibi Okumu, Ken Walibora, Henry ole Kulet, Oyunga Pala and Doris Mayoli. A detailed list of the speakers is on our page here.


1. Do I need to be a Daystar student to attend the Creatives Academy?    

No. Creatives Academy is open to members of the public. We will require payment of 500 shillings at the door to help us meet the costs of running the workshop.

2. What is the cost of the workshop?

Members of the public will pay 500 shillings at the door on any day they attend the workshop. Those who want a certificate will pay a flat fee of 3,000 shillings. Daystar students registered for ENG 408X will pay through the normal fee payment system.

3. What is the venue of the workshop?

At Daystar University Nairobi campus, every Saturday from 8 to 11 am.

4. Do I have to attend all the 13 sessions? 

If you are attending as a member of the public, you can pick the sessions you want to attend. If you are a Daystar student registered for ENG 408X, you must attend all sessions.

5. Can I get a certificate for Creatives Academy?

Yes, on condition that you attend one full session and pay the certificate fee of 3,000 shillings. You may pay the certificate fee at any week for the duration of the workshop.

6. Can I register for the class as a Daystar student and get a grade for the workshop?

Yes. Register for ENG 408X. You will be given the course outline and the requirements for the class. There is no final exam. Just projects on social media.

7. Can I attend if I’m a Daystar student and want to attend without registering for ENG 408X?

Definitely, yes. You will be asked to pay as a member of the public.

8. I would like to attend but I’m not able to make it on Saturday mornings. How can I be part of the discussions?

Our Twitter handle @DaystarLanguage will be tweeting the discussions every Saturday morning at #CreativesAcademy hashtag. We will also write blog posts about the discussions.

9. This is such a great initiative. How can I support?

We will be excited to receive support, particularly financial support, to meet the publicity, honoraria and refreshments costs of the academy. We also welcome support in terms of publicity. Please retweet and share whatever we post on Twitter or Facebook. If you would like to offer support, please contact Wandia Njoya (wnjoya@daystar.ac.ke or Kinyanjui Kombani (kinyanjui.kombani@gmail.com).

Corporates or entrepreneurs who support Creatives Academy will be promoted on our social media sites, department website and blog. They can also get the opportunity to promote their products and services at our Daystar campus, and to speak to workshop participants.


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